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Some more things about the script .
Script Name : WEBInsta Mailing list
Script Version : Version 1.3e

Vikas Patial [ www.ngcoders.com ]
Ceasar Feijen [ www.cfconcultancy.nl ]

Extra code Moises Hdez [ www.hgmnetwork.com
Design & Graphics : Roland Poot [ www.pixelate.nl ]
Home Site : http://www.webinsta.com/
Script Supprt : http://www.webinsta.com/forum.html
Licence : The Script is provided for free under GPL . But any donations will be highly appreciated.

Example page

When you succesfully extract and upload the WEBinsta Mailing Manager then you'll arrive on this example homepage.

On the left you will find some example's on how to embed the subscribe boxes into your excisting homepage. Look in the source code of this page on how to include.

Select one of the subscribe boxes and put the folowing line into your homepage (also beware of the group ID, default is 1 and there are several mailbar's from which you can choose)



Then select the place where you want your visitor to see the subscribe boxes and put the following lines into that area

if(isset ($_GET['page']))
if ($_GET['page'] == "mail")
if ($_GET['page'] == "about")
}else {
/* include( your title page"); */
print(":The subscribe messages will appear here :");

If you put the mailinglist in another directory then you should change the path in this code.

Now go to the Administration and change the settings. If you enter the admin for the first time you will see an install wizzard.

Good luck :)

The WEBinsta Team

If you have any questions or want to write any feedback please visit:


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